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Hello folks,

In this article, we will deploy a simple Spring Boot based application inside a K8S cluster.

To take the best of this article you should have a basic understanding of these subjects :

  • Docker because we will be using it as the runtime to containerize the app.
  • A K8S cluster (standalone or MiniKube) running in your local machine or use some of the cloud providers like
  • A basic understanding of Java and Spring boot

Prepare the simple app :

First things first let’s prepare the application. We will expose a greeting endpoint that we can later consume by calling the path /hello

Photo by Pero Kalimero on Unsplash

Hello Folks,

In the previous article, we discussed how to deploy our simple application into a K8S cluster. Feel free to have a quick look at it, because it would help in this article in which we will explain how to consume the deployed application from the previous article.

We left the last article with this challenge in mind:

How we can consume our hello endpoint from two running instances of the same application with different IP addresses ?

Obviously, the automatic answer was to place a load balancer and it’s the right answer. but it’s not the only way…


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